Me goin to Homer, Ak.

MOM and Grandma

Me dog Bellah

My Buddy



MOM her dog and Me

MOM friends and I

Startin me shovel

Me Triumph an me

Me Triumph

Me under the Ship M/V Alaska Packer

Me 2017

The only one with A fish

Graduation 2001

Cowboy Jimi

Cub Scouts 1969

The 70's and me

Me and me dog Bellah

Mom and Peanut

Me on the bow of the M/V Alaska Packer halibut fishing

Me friend Dawn

Me bro and I


Got lumps, bloody, and bruises from some of these bad boys

Cathies Jesse and me clownin

The family females and me

Me digging out

Mom Heidi and me

Dad bro and me